PHYSICS! is an e-book designed to help you survive introductory college physics courses. It contains plainspoken explanations and sample problems to guide you through the material. Each problem contains a link to an online video solution. I've found these short videos to be quite helpful when teaching introductory physics. Imagine having the power to pause and rewind (or perhaps mute) your professor! While full video lectures could serve this purpose, the format I provide here lets you move efficiently through the material, only studying detailed solutions when needed. Have a look at the PHYS102 page on YouTube to see how it works!



Ch. 15 - Charge!


This chapter describes charge in matter and explains how objects become charged. It describes the vector forces between charges (Coulomb's Law), and how to use integrals to calcualate forces created by continuous charge distributions.

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Ch. 16 - Electric Field

Coming very soon!